PSAT Math Multiple-Choice Practice Test 6: Advanced Math

1. Which of the following equivalent forms of the equation x2 + 8x + 15 = 0 would be the most useful for finding the x-intercepts of the equation?

2. Monster Truck Inc. leases a new truck for a down payment of $3,200 plus monthly payments of $380 per month for 36 months. Which of the following functions, f, represents the total amount paid, in dollars, after m months, where 0 ≤ m ≤ 36?

3. The number of bonus points, B(p), that a credit card holder receives is given by the function B(p) = ap + 7, where p represents the number of purchases made and a is a constant. If the number of purchases is increased by 4, the number of bonus points increases by 25. What is the value of a?

4. If f(x) = , what is the value of ?

5. The temperature, T, in degrees Celsius on a winter day can be written as a function of x, the time in hours since midnight (12:00 A.M.), as shown below.

If 100 = x2 - 24x + 144 is an equivalent form of the equation when T(x) = 0, which of the following gives a time on that day when the temperature was 0°C?


The table above shows selected values for the linear function f(x). What is the value of j?

7. In his physics class, Yigit determined that the height in feet (h) of a projectile t seconds after being launched can be expressed using the function h(t) = -5t2 + 20t + 45. Which of the following values of t would be most helpful in finding the initial height of the projectile?

8. If 12 - (t + 2)2 = 3, which of the following could be the value of t?


Which of the following equations is shown in the graph above?

10. Aubri determines that her score in a particular video game can be calculated using the formula x4 - y4, where x represents the number of treasures she discovers, and y represents the number of hidden traps she falls into. Which of the following expressions would be a suitable equivalent for Aubri's score calculation formula?

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