PSAT Math Multiple-Choice Practice Test 11

The use of a calculator is not permitted.

1. Which of the following ordered pairs (x, y) satisfies both equations and y = x2 - 5x + 6?

2. Which of the following is an equivalent form of the expression 30y - 12cy?

3. The formula F = ma is used to calculate the force on an object with a mass, m, and an acceleration, a. Based on this formula, what is the acceleration, a, in terms of F and m?

4. -4j - 10k = 50

j - 3k = 4

If (j, k) is the solution to the system of equations above, what is the value of j?

5. The equation y = 3,100x + 105 models the relationship between the weight, y, in grams, of an average giant panda and the number of months, x, after it was born. If the equation is graphed in the xy-plane, what is indicated by the slope of the graph?

6. Which of the following is a solution to the equation 3b2 - 6b = 5 + 4b2?

7. A line is graphed in the xy-plane. If the line has an x-intercept of 4 and contains the point (-2, 6), which of the following cannot be true?

8. A patterned quilt uses 16 different squares of fabric. Each square of fabric must have an area of at least 340 square inches and no more than 360 square inches. What inequality represents all possible values of the total area of fabric, f, in square inches needed for the quilt?

9. Christen wants to buy dishes that cost $17.30 each and bowls that cost $14.90 each. A 15% discount will be applied to the entire purchase and no tax is charged. If Christen buys 3 dishes, which equation relates the number of bowls purchased, n, and the total cost in dollars, x?


If the equation above, where k is a constant, is true for all positive values of a and b, what is the value of k?

11. A baker has $75 with which to purchase ingredients. The baker needs to buy at least 2 containers of flour and at least 3 containers of cocoa powder. Flour costs $3.99 per container, and cocoa powder costs $5.99 per container. If f represents the number of containers of flour and c represents the number of containers of cocoa powder, which of the following systems of inequalities models this situation?

12. If the equation x = (y + 5)(y - 15) is graphed in the xy-plane, what is the y-coordinate of the parabola's vertex?


In the figure above, the ratio has the same value as the ratio . Which of the following angle measures must be congruent?

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