PSAT Math Multiple-Choice Practice Test 14

The use of a calculator is permitted.


The graphs of the functions g and h are shown above. Which of the following defines h in terms of g?


Note: Figure not drawn to scale.

In triangle LMN above, angle NPO is congruent to angle MLN, NP = 7, and LN = 18. If the length of MN is 1 unit less than 3 times the length of NO, what is the length of side NO?

3. The membership of a sports fan group increases by 10 percent each month during the season. What type of relationship exists between the size of the fan group and the number of months since the start of the season?


The total surface area of the triangular prism shown above can be calculated using the following formula, where x is the length of the sides of the triangular ends and y is the length of the rectangular faces.

What must the expression represent?

5. (3 - y)2 - (3 - y)

Which of the following is an equivalent form of the expression above?


A pediatrician's office collects data on the heights of all its patients. The scatterplot above shows the heights of the male patients seen by the office at various ages less than 10 years. A linear model best describes the data, and the line of best fit is shown. For the patient that is exactly 8 years old, which of the following best estimates the percent increase from his actual height to the height that the model predicts?

7. A college bookstore makes a profit of $0.75 for every 12 pencils it sells. Which of the following is the profit that the store makes for selling 20 pencils?

8. A student planned to finish her summer reading assignment over the course of a 20-day portion of her summer vacation. Each day, she recorded the percent of her assignment she had left to read. The graph below shows the data for each day of the 20-day portion of her summer vacation.

During which of the following periods is the decrease in the percent of her remaining summer reading the least?

9. Sydney borrowed money from a friend and is paying back the loan. The remaining amount she owes, A, can be calculated by the equation A = 870 - 30w, where w represents the number of weeks since she took the loan. What does the number 870 represent?

Questions 10-11 refer to the following information.

For 32 cars that were identical when new, the scatterplot above shows the number of years of ownership and the selling price when the first owner sold the car. The line of best fit is also shown.

10. Which of the following statements about the relationship between years of ownership and selling price is true?

11. For the car that was sold after exactly 7 years of ownership, the actual selling price of the car was approximately how much more than the selling price predicted by the line of best fit?

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