PSAT Math Multiple-Choice Practice Test 15

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1. When the equation y = 2x - b, where b is a constant, is graphed in the xy-plane, the line passes through the point (3, -1). What is the value of b?



The table above shows the balance, in dollars, of a bank account. Which of the following best describes the model that fits the data?

3. A team of scientists is tracking a snail moving at a rate of 700 millimeters per minute. If there are 10 millimeters in a centimeter, at what rate does that snail move in centimeters per hour?


Which of the following describes the solution to the equation shown above?

5. (2ab2 + 5a2 - 7a2b) - (2ab2 + 7a2b - 3a2)

Which of the following is equivalent to the expression above?

6. Athletes in a School

Junior Varsity17144

The table above provides data about the 270 athletes in a particular high school. Approximately what percent of the athletes in the school are right-handed varsity athletes?

7. The table below shows the maximum weights that each of eight people at a gym can bench press.Bench Press Weights


What is the difference between the maximum weight, in pounds, that Helen can bench press and the median weight, in pounds, of all eight people?

8. The table below shows the daily attendance of a Physics and a Biology class each day of a particular week.Daily Attendance


Based on the information in the table, which of the following statements is true?

9. A car company produces a particular model of car one at a time in its factories. If it takes one of the company's factories a total of 1,080 minutes to produce a single car, how many cars of that particular model can be produced by that particular factory in 540 hours?

Questions 10-1 refer to the following information.

A major hospital conducted a study on a new experimental physical therapy method for some of its patients recovering from knee-replacement surgery. At the beginning of the study, 485 patients who had just had knee-replacement surgery were selected for the study; 194 of the patients were given the experimental physical therapy, and the remaining patients were put into conventional physical therapy. A summary of the recovery times for the patients who were in the study is shown in the table below.

Recovery Time for 485 Patients in the Study

Recovery TimeExperimental TherapyConventional Therapy
6 months or less82151
More than 6 months112140

10. What is the difference, to the nearest whole percent, between the percentage of patients in the experimental physical therapy with a recovery time of more than 6 months and the percentage of patients in the conventional physical therapy who had a recovery time of more than 6 months?

11. Of the patients in the conventional physical therapy, the ratio of those who had one knee replaced to those who had both knees replaced is approximately 3:7. Which of the following is the best approximation for the number of patients in the conventional physical therapy who had both knees replaced?

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