PSAT Math Multiple-Choice Practice Test 10

The use of a calculator is not permitted.

1. Which of the following are the solutions to the equation 3x2 - 48 = 0?

2. At an organic farm, a 2.6 square kilometer plot of soybeans is being harvested. If the farm workers can harvest 23 hectares a day, which of the following functions can be used to estimate how many hectares, H(d), will remain to be harvested after d days?

(Note: 100 hectares = 1 square kilometer)


What is the value of x in the equation above?


Which of the following values of y would make the above inequality true?

5. Which of the following is equivalent to the expression ab2 - 3ab + 2b - 6?

6. The function f is shown in the xy-plane above. Which of the following could be f(x)?

7. Line a is given by the equation y = 2x - 3. Which of the following equations represents a line that intersects line a in the xy-plane at the point ?

8. Which of the following expressions is equivalent to (x + 2)(x - 5) - 18?


For all y > 3, which of the following is equivalent to the expression above?

10. h(x) = 9 - |x - 3|

In the equation above, h(n) = h(-3). Which of the following could be the value of n?

11. C = 0.08(B - x)

A new county regulation requires that a school system spend a certain amount of its discretionary budget each month on curriculum-based activities and a certain percentage of the remainder on after-school clubs. The equation above gives the amount, C dollars, that a school must spend on after-school clubs based on B dollars, the discretionary budget that month, and x dollars, the amount that must be spent on curriculum-based activities. If a school with a monthly discretionary budget of $9,000 must spend $320 on after-school clubs, what is the school required to spend on curriculum-based activities?

12. P = 2,500 + 135x

The population of County Y, in thousands, can be modeled by the above equation, in which x represents the number of years since the 2010 census. What does the number 135 represent in this equation?


If the expression above is true for all values of x where x > 0, what is the value of b?

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