PSAT Math Multiple-Choice Practice Test 13

The use of a calculator is permitted.

Questions 1-2 refer to the following information.

The Manor Hill Parent Teacher Association ordered some prizes as a class reward; the bill is shown below.

There is no tax on the order. The shipping charge is calculated as a percent of the order cost. The grand total is the sum of the cost of the order and the shipping charge.

1. What is the percent value used to calculate the shipping charge on the order?

2. The total cost of the frisbees and hats is $72, and the cost of two hats and a frisbee is $14.50. What is the cost of a frisbee?


The two equations in the system of equations above each form a line when graphed in the xy-plane. Which of the following statements is true regarding these two lines?

4. Stephen takes out an interest-free loan from his friend. Each month he makes a payment to his friend. The amount of money that Stephen still owes his friend is given by the equation y = 1,200 - 75m, in which m is the number of months since the loan was made and y is the money, in dollars, that Stephen still owes. Which of the following best describes the meanings of the constant and coefficient in this equation?

Questions 5-6 refer to the following information.

A catering company offers three meal options when it caters weddings. There is no additional charge for guests that indicate a food allergy, and there is no price difference among the meal selections. Children's meals are provided at a discounted price. The company collected data on all the dish selections for the weddings that it catered over the past year.

5. What is the average cost of a child's meal?

6. Based on the table, what is the approximate probability that a guest will be an adult, if the guest orders the chicken?

7. As an object moves through a fluid, the object experiences a force known as drag. For a given projected object area in meters squared and fluid density in kilograms per meter cubed, drag can be modeled by the equation , where R is drag force in Newtons, C is the coefficient of drag, and v is velocity in meters per second. Which of the following is equivalent to two Newtons? (Assume the object is moving at a constant speed.)

8. A shoe store is having a sale in which a customer receives a 30 percent discount on a second pair of shoes after purchasing the first at regular price. The tax rate of 6 percent is applied to the whole purchase. If s represents the regular price of each pair of shoes at the store, which of the following expressions gives the total amount that a customer would pay for two pairs during this sale?

9. A high school class is selling barrels of popcorn to raise money. The histogram below shows the number of students that sold each quantity of barrels.

Which of the following is true?

I. The mode number of barrels sold is equal to the median number of barrels sold.

II. The median number of barrels sold is equal to the mean number of barrels sold.

III. The mode number of barrels sold is equal to the range of the number of barrels sold.

10. Sam's Sunscreen Shop makes two kinds of sunscreen: Sunscreen A and Sunscreen B. Sunscreen A contains 8% of the active ingredient, and Sunscreen B has 12.5% of the same active ingredient. Sam wants to create a new sunscreen by blending the two sunscreens to make a new product that has a concentration of more than 10% active ingredient. The sunscreen should be in a tube containing at least 12 ounces, but no more than 16 ounces. If a represents the ounces of Sunscreen A in the blend and b represents the ounces of Sunscreen B in the blend, which of the following systems can be used to solve for all the values of a and b that fit these requirements?


Types of PetsPercent of pets

The table above shows the distribution of pets at a pet shop. How many pets are at the pet shop if there are 36 more dogs than cats?

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