PSAT Math Multiple-Choice Practice Test 21

The use of a calculator is permitted.


Mr. Juno took his driver's education class to the Department of Motor Vehicles to take their driver's license tests. The number of questions missed by each student in the class is recorded in the bar graph above. Which of the following statements is true?

2. If the graph of the equation y= ax2+ bx+ c passes through the points (0, 2), (-6, -7), and (8, -14), what is the value of a+ b+ c ?

3. A bakery sells three sizes of muffins—mini, regular, and jumbo. The baker plans daily muffin counts based on the size of his pans and how they fit in the oven, which result in the following ratios: mini to regular equals 5 to 2 and regular to jumbo equals 5 to 4. When the bakery caters events, it usually offers only the regular size, but it recently decided to offer a mix of mini and jumbo instead of regular. If the baker wants to keep the sizes in the same ratio as his daily counts, what ratio of mini to jumbo should he use?


If the system of linear equations shown above has no solution, and k is a constant, what is the value of k ?

5. What is the value of ?

6. If a right cone is three times as wide at its base as it is tall, and the volume of the cone is 384π cubic inches, what is the diameter in inches of the base of the cone?

7. A home improvement store that sells carpeting charges a flat installation fee and a certain amount per square foot of carpet ordered. If the total cost for f square feet of carpet is given by the function C(f) = 3.29 f + 199, then the value 3.29 best represents which of the following?


The United States Constitution requires that any candidate for the presidency be at least 35 years of age, although no president to date has been that young. The figure above shows the distribution of the ages of the presidents through 2012 at the time they were inaugurated. Based on the information shown, which of the following statements is true?


Which value of x satisfies the equation above?


The following quadratic equations are all representations of the graph shown above. Which equation could you use to find the minimum value of the function without doing any additional work?

11. Marion is a city planner. The city she works for recently purchased new property on which it plans to build administrative offices. Marion has been given the task of sizing the lots for new buildings, using the following guidelines:

The square footage of each lot should be greater than or equal to 3,000 square feet, but less than or equal to 15,000 square feet.

Each lot size should be at least 30 percent greater in area than the size before it.

To simplify tax assessment calculations, the square footage of each lot must be a multiple of 1,000 square feet.

Which list of lot sizes meets the city guidelines and includes as many lots as possible?

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