PSAT Math Multiple-Choice Practice Test 24

The use of a calculator is permitted.

1. 2x2 -70 = 2 Solve the equation by any method.

2. A regular hexagonal pyramid has a base side length of 6 inches, an apothem of 3 inches, and a height of 15 inches. Find the volume in cubic inches.

3. An outdoor game board is 20 feet by 30 feet. One corner of the game board on the coordinate plane is (-10,?-20). What could be a second coordinate of the game board?

4. (2xy -1)(3xy -2) Multiply.

5. Convert 48 inches to yards.

6. A county contains 25 villages, 12 towns, and 3 cities. There is an average of 6 stoplights in a village, 27 in a town, and 148 in a city. Estimate the total number of stoplights.

7. A study separated two groups into people who drink coffee in the morning and people who drink tea in the morning. Researchers compared how people felt four hours after waking up. What type of study is this?

8. Identify the variable from a census study that is categorical.

9. In a board game, a player can continue his turn if he rolls a 5 or 6. Describe the complement of the event.

10. A local group wants to find out the opinions of the local job market. Which group of people should be asked for the survey?

11. x2 = 196 Solve for x.

12. Write 29% as a decimal.

13. Which ratio is equal to 31%?

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