PSAT Math Multiple-Choice Practice Test 43: Passport to Advanced Math

1. Michele wants to design a floor that will have a length and width that add up to 30 feet. She also wants the area of the floor to be 216 square feet. What will the dimensions of the floor need to be?

2. is equivalent to which of the following?

3. For the real integers x and y, what must equal?

4. Factor: 16a2 - 9b2

5. What are the two solutions for x in the equation 4x2 + 8x - 4 = 0

6. Simplify: x4y2 + x3y5 + xy6 + 2x3y5


What is the value of x?

8. What is the sum of 3x3 + 5x - 3 and 2x2 - 4x + 6


10. The formula used by the National Weather Service to calculate wind chill in degrees Fahrenheit is:

T represents the air temperature in degrees Fahrenheit, and V represents the wind velocity in miles per hour.

Which of these is an accurate statement about the relationship between wind chill and temperature?

The relative impact on wind chill of a particular increase in wind speed is more significant at lower wind speeds than at higher wind speeds.

Wind chill has an impact on the relative temperature feeling only at temperatures greater than or equal to 35.75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wind chill and temperature are inversely related to one another.

11. Consider the function below.

If the function is written as f(x) = (x - 2) × A × (x - 3), what is the value of A?

12. The function y = 6x3 + 19x2 - 24x + c has zeros at the values of , and -4. What is the value of the constant c in this function

13. The graph of the function below is given by which equation

14. What will happen to the graph of y = x2 in the xy-plane if it is changed to

y = (x + 8)2 + 4?

15. Calculating the total cost C, including the sales tax (and no other fees), of a good with an untaxed price of P is given by the expression C = 1.07P. How could you calculate the cost of only the sales tax on the good

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