PSAT 8/9 Math Multiple-Choice Practice Test 1

1. Which of the following values is 6 less than 5 times itself?

2. David is trying to take up to 31 unique photos, one for each day in January. He has already taken 4 nature photos and 7 architectural photos. Which of the following inequalities represents all possible values of p if p represents the remaining number of photos David could take over the month of January?

3. If 8(2 – x) = 10 – 5(x + 3), what is the value of x?

4. What value of c is a solution to the equation –3c – 2 + 9 = c – 2 – 3c?

5. 2ab = 11

4ab = 7

What is the value of a if the solution to the system of equations above is (a, b)?

6. –(x2 – 2) + x4 + (2x2 – 8)

Which of the following expressions is equivalent to the expression above?

7. Bill can purchase eight hockey pucks and two water bottles for $22 or twelve hockey pucks and ten water bottles for $54. For his team’s hockey practice, Bill needs sixteen water bottles. How much will it cost for Bill to purchase the sixteen water bottles given the above costs?

8. y = x2 + 8x + 23

What is the value of the y-intercept for the above equation when graphed in the xy-plane?


A system of equations is graphed in the xy-plane above. How many solutions does the system have?


Line a is shown in the xy-plane above. Assuming line b lies parallel to line a, which of the following equations could represent line b?

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