PSAT Math Multiple-Choice Practice Test 27: Method


In the equation above, what is the value of y?

2. A tractor trailer has a maximum capacity of 8,000 pounds. The equipment needed to load and unload the trailer must travel with the trailer and weighs a combined 1,500 pounds. The trailer will be loaded with x containers, each of which weighs 300 pounds. What is the largest value of x such that the trailer's capacity is not exceeded?

3. A certain vacuum cleaner is priced at $450 at a local appliance store. The same model of vacuum cleaner sells online for of the price at the appliance store. At a department store, the same model vacuum cleaner sells for of the appliance store's price. How many dollars more is the price of the vacuum cleaner at the department store than at the online retailer?

4. A stack of 50 kitchen serving trays forms a column that is approximately inches tall. What is closest to the number of kitchen trays that would be needed to form a column that is 14 inches tall?

5. Last month, Keith ran 18 more miles than Mick ran. If they ran a total of 76 miles, how many miles did Keith run?

6. If , what is the value of ?



Which of the following equations relates y to x according to the values in the table above?

8. In a restaurant's kitchen, c cakes are made by adding s cups of sugar to a mix of eggs and butter. If s = 3 c + 5, how many more cups of sugar are needed to make one additional cake?

9. A bowling league charges a one-time membership fee of $25, plus x dollars each month. If a bowler has paid $53 for the first 4 months, including the membership fee, what is the value of x?

10. If x > 0, which of the following is equivalent to ?

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