PSAT Math Grid-Ins Practice Test 13: Passport to Advanced Math


The figure shows the graph of r(x). What is one value of x for which r(x) = 0?


The function f(x) is graphed in the xy-plane above. If the maximum value of f(x) = z, what is the value of -f (z)?


Doctors use the function shown above to calculate the concentration, in parts per million, of a certain drug in a patient's bloodstream after t hours. How many more parts per million of the drug are in the bloodstream after 20 hours than after 10 hours?

4. Jayesh is a 150-pound, 5-foot-10-inch, 18-year-old male, and he requires 2,048 calories per day to maintain his weight when he doesn't exercise. When he plays basketball, he burns 231 additional calories per hour. Assuming he wants to maintain his current weight, how many more calories per day does he require if he plays basketball for four hours instead of two hours?

5. The point (3, 6) lies on the graph of function f in the xy-plane. If then what is the value of k?


If (a, b) is a solution to the system of equations shown, what is the value of a, given that a > 0?

7. What is the positive difference between the zeros of ?

8. The x-intercepts of the equation y = x2 - 9x + 20 are m and n, where m > n. What is the value of m?


What is the absolute difference of the values of x for the solutions to the system of equations above?

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