PSAT Math Grid-Ins Practice Test 1: Math Basics

1. A fitness tracking watch collects data on how many miles a user walks per day. The data is collected from 12:00 A.M. each morning until 12:00 A.M. the following day, and resets each day at midnight. After one month of use, Debbie reviews her data in the fitness tracker. She discovers that her average daily miles walked are equal to one-hundredth of the square of the number of hours in one day. How many miles does Debbie walk in one day, on average, rounded to the nearest mile?


The equations above intersect at two points. What is the product of the y-coordinates of the two points of intersection?

3. Estimated Numbers of Cell Phone Users by Type (in millions)

Prepaid usersContracted usersTotal

If a cell phone user is selected at random in 2008, what is the probability that user is a contracted user?

4. If 5x2 = 125, what could be the value of 5x3?

5. z = 5 - 5[5z - 2(1 - z)]

In the equation above, what is the value of z?

6. If , what is the value of z?

7. If 3a + 2b = 37 and 7a + 4b = 85, what is the value of b2 + 6b - 10?

8. Linh travels from his home in Canada, where temperature is measured in degrees Celsius, to Houston, where temperature is measured in degrees Fahrenheit. The weather channel forecasts the high temperature in Houston for the next 2 days as 95 degrees and 86 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively. He wants to convert these temperatures from Fahrenheit to Celsius. To do so, he subtracts 32 from the degrees in Fahrenheit for each day and multiplies the difference by . How many degrees higher is the predicted temperature for the first day than the predicted temperature for the second day, in degrees Celsius?

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